Blocking Blessings!

I felt it in my spirit to tell you to stop blocking your blessings.

You can block your blessings by holding on to relationships that no longer serve you. Relationships that are restricting your growth, and  relationships that are toxic.

By holding on to the old you, holding on to the past and holding on to the memories of who they used to be.

You can block your blessings by holding on to  the potential of who you think they will become,instead of realizing who they are now. Reality versus Fantasy is a dangerous game because you’re holding onto the dream instead of the actual person.

Your holding on to the things that made you happy. That alcohol addiction , that weed addiction, that cigarette addiction, that porn addiction, that pill addiction, that food addiction, or even that love addiction. If its unhealthy and it doesn’t align with the Word of God then its Got To Go!

If its no longer serving you or helping you emotionally,mentally, or spiritually then it can’t help you physically in your real life. We are all made to be like Christ in His image and God loves you waaaaayyyyyyyyyy to much for you to stay in that box that you’re in.

You can block your blessings by shrinking back into that circle of friendship that you used to be comfortable in and  the box that others had you in , instead of stretching yourself and allowing yourself to grow . Stop allowing yourself to feel the need or pressure to shrink back into who you used to be.

I serve notice today.

I want to serve notice to the old you. So that you can begin to embrace the NEW You. I serve notice on the enemy! The reason why you’re going through what your going through is because Satan knows who you are about to become. And the enemy will work overtime to try and stop your success, your dreams and your vision.

Don’t let the enemy have a say in your life. Speak life over yourself. Encourage yourself, find what motivates you , that podcast,that biblestudy, that pastor, or that group and you will see how God can turn everything around for you.

I pray  God starts to break the generational pressure and generational curses in your family, in your relationships, and in your marriages that you will be able to grow and be used by God in amazing ways.

Always remember I love you and I believe you have Endless Potential . Stay encouraged friend.



Is Your Love On Clearance?

Lately I have realized that I have put my love on clearance. What I mean by that is  I have succumbed to the lowest percentage of love given and been content with it.

I  have put my love on clearance by accepting the bare minimum from people who I know and love. I have accepted the sorriness of  effort given in every way.

I have put my love on clearance by going out of my way to make other feel comfortable and expect nothing in return. Many nights there for others but having no one listen to my cry.

I have put my love on clearance by teaching others how to treat me. Mean may seem uncompassionate but I was ever so green to know to lean on the fake. Its really crazy ow people will misuse you. Truth is, they can give the bare minimum and expect everything and then some in return.

I have put my love on clearance by accepting the pain and strain of  those near me and saying nothing. I’v become numb to the pain in my heart and have accepted that this is just another way of life.

I have put my love on clearance by accepting no text backs and one-sided relationships. If its just me then its not a relationship right?

I have put my love on clearance by letting friends become wishy washy and still accepting them. I haven’t watched my inner self and realized how it affected me.

I have put my love on clearance by creating a sense of apathy for myself. I’ve laid my heart down on the line for others expecting nothing in return, saving them from their pits of despair and anguish.

I’ve put my love on clearance by putting my heart for sale and selling it  to the lowest bidder. There was no more negotiating this,  it was torn into rags and all there was left were the tags .

But the rags of my heart were greater than I ever knew was possible. Undependable, unsustainable , unfathomable, imaginable greater than I ever knew how to mend.

So I took a dose of Jesus to numb the pain and all there was left was a stain. A crimson stain that washed all the rain, away in my heart and oneday the sun came out shining its light ever so bright .

I didn’t want to fight, I just wanted you to know that night may come……But joy comes in the morning.


What happened to your faith?

Lately I haven’t been having my Just Do It attitude and I found myself in a “I don’t feel like it” funk. The only problem with an “I don’t feel like it” funk is that it keeps you from pushing forward in your career, in your relationships, in your marriage, and in your dreams. The easiest thing to do is just give up and relax at home. But what tests your true strength is getting up every day wanting to be better than you were yesterday,


I want to be better not just for myself and my health, but to serve my God-given purpose. There is something brewing on the inside of you that you haven’t even tapped into yet, dreams manifested down on the inside of you that you haven’t even believed in . Today I speak life over you , that the “I don’t feel like it ” spirit would be broken off of you. I know that you can do anything if you change your mindset and believe that you have purpose. You have vision and I know that with a little drive, a little ambition, a little more motivation, that you can do ANYTHING friend.

Recognize the opposition in your mind. Change your attitude and thoughts about yourself and you have the power to change the whole world around you. Negative thoughts only begat a negative outcome. Positive thoughts bring a positive life. What are you thinking about yourself?

When you get a chance today, read Hebrews 10 and ask yourself where is my faith?

And always remember I believe in you and that you have Endless Potential!

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Keep that same energy!

I feel like I give everyone so much attention and I pour soooooo much of my energy into other people.  And I don’t even get any of the same energy back not even remotely.WHY THOUGH?

Why do we go out of our way for others and they don’t even remotely go out of the way for us?People don’t even realize half the stuff you really do for them. So why do you do it?

I have learned that true intentionality is putting yourself out there. But why stick your neck out for others when theirs no reciprocity? Why use the energy to bring positivity if its never appreciated?

The sad truth is you have to have boundaries. The sad truth is that you have to protect your energy. Protect your mind and your heart. Without boundaries we can’t have peace. The truth is we have to know when to walk away from things that no longer serve us. You have to pray and ask God to release toxic people from your life.

The thing about toxins is that nothing ever grows from it. So know how to recognize the signs and when your spirit is no longer being edified through that friendship or relationship. This is key. Because your friends and relationships should be equally yoked.  The real meaning of equally yoked is when two oxen hold each other up.A yoke is a wooden bar that joins two oxen to each other and to the burden they pull. An “unequally yoked” team has one stronger ox and one weaker, or one taller and one shorter. The weaker or shorter ox would walk more slowly than the taller, stronger one, causing the load to go around in circles. When oxen are unequally yoked, they cannot perform the task set before them. Instead of working together, they are at odds with one another. If one oxen is bigger,taller and doing more  the pulley won’t go anywhere it actually travels in a full circle. So then you have two oxen not going anywhere in life.

Your relationships are the same. If there’s an unequal balance and your doing all the work. You won’t go any where. You will find yourself at the same spot over and over and over again. You don’t want that.

Protect your energy and protect your peace.


*Cue Madea’s Voice “ALL MY LIFE I HAD TO FIGHT “

I dream of a day when my worries and stress will leave, when all I can do is dream of the day that I’ll be able to relieve the pressure in my head that’s increasing in my brain flushing the pain away .

But How sway?!

How can I be stress free in today’s society?

Instagram can you help me? Twitter can you @ me? I’m lost in a whirlwind of  stress entangling me more and more past my insecurities and tying me down to the ground.

Vision where did you go ? Why did you leave me?

Finding life  and peace of mind is hard to find. Sometimes I  need a break, to  shake back in life and fade away from the fake.

In this season, I’m learning that over time people show  you their true colors. Friends come for a season but they always teach you a reason to guard your heart. Watch who you  trust  because putting certain levels on them  can  bust the trust you’ve given. But a snake is a snake ,always fake , it only changes it outward appearance. So stop putting your love on clearance.


Maya Angelou said it best.  “When people show you who they are….Believe them. The first time.”

Learning not to be a fool, but to use the tool of wisdom. Each day you learn and grow, so you can be  able to have your mind flow with peace and tranquility.

Nomaste. Be great.



What does it mean to “STAY WOKE?”…

       After spending my weekend here in D.C. I feel so honored to be an African American. I know it’s unheard of because of how many disadvantages have been presented to our race. But I believe that it’s a blessing to be brown. Why do you think people tan?

I believe in brown people of different shades who will love each other, stand in solidarity when challenged and inspire the next generation. It doesn’t matter what color you are …White,Brown,Yellow,Purple, or Black you should always be aware of how others will treat you. I call this racial consciousness. It’s been here since the beginning of time. It’s why white people don’t say the N-word. It’s the reason Asian people don’t call each other cracker. It’s the reason black people don’t talk back to police officers. There are undertones in American society that are learned and known because they have been taught and passed down form generation to generation.

But being at the African American Museum opened my eyes to the progression of African Americans in every century past. The stories I read and learned painted a picture of slavery back then. But the irony is, we as a minority group are still enslaved today in many ways. If you are a minority of any race you should acknowledge the facts.

#1 People of color are significantly overrepresented in the U.S. prison population, making up more than 60 percent of the people behind bars. Despite being only 13 percent of the overall U.S.People of color are more likely to become entangled in the criminal justice system.

#2 The so-called War on Drugs has disproportionately affected people of color.

#3 People of color, particularly black males, face longer sentences than their white non-Hispanic counterparts for similar crimes.

#4 During traffic stops, people of color are more likely to be searched than their white counterparts.

#5 Students of color continue to face harsher punishments at school than their white non-Hispanic counterparts.

#6 People of color are extremely overrepresented in the juvenile justice system.

#7 Voting restrictions on the formerly incarcerated have disenfranchised millions of voters, particularly African Americans. Seven-in-ten blacks said that blacks in their community were treated less fairly than whites in dealings with the police. In comparison, 37% of whites and 51% of Hispanics held that opinion.

Additionally, younger black men are more likely to report unjust treatment by the police. Nearly one-quarter of black males ages 18-34 said they had been treated unfairly by the police.

There are numerous other artifacts to consider. Also other issues that hahve presented themselves but I urge you to form your own thesis of racial disparities that are happening in America.


Dear, Fear…

Dear Fear,

The truth is you almost had me. The uncanny motion of life warped around my brain and it began to be too much to bear. The walls you’ve confined me in have been safe and comforting.The place you have built has become my safe haven. I used to be a slave to you and I gave you too much credit.  I was bound up.There was no escape because the bars around my vision had no way of  breaking out.You made sure I couldn’t see the light and it felt so dark… For a while.

But one day,  I began to see your chains. I began to see your hold and death grip on me that was so tight I couldn’t breathe. Each gasp for air was an extreme cry to God. You tried to choke the life out of me but it didn’t work. You can’t have me any longer. I’m severing our ties. This motionless girl was scared to kill you. It was a bitter taste in my mouth everytime I spoke and you were there. I was the scared girl.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here.This relationship doesn’t work for me anymore. I’ve found out who I am.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here.  Because now I can see that purpose wasn’t planned. There was a level of grace that you didn’t see or understand… and His name Jesus. He lifted and sifted through all of her broken pieces and they no longer exist.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here.The  broken girl had to leave.  The girl who let people walk over her had to go. The depressed girl had to go. The lonely girl had to go. The girl who felt anxiety everytime she woke up had to go. That girl is no more. She’s left and has no plans of visiting you anymore. She’s been deleted. Finito!  Presto because that girl removed your chains from her. There’s no more room for you in her life.  There’s no place for you here. Because she messed around and figured out who God really made her to be.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here.That girl you loved.That girl became a woman. A wild woman ready to take on her own wilderness and walk on water in order to achieve her own dreams.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here.She is ferocious on the inside. She’s fearless and unmatched .She moves to the beat of her own drum. She has no limitations.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here.She is beautiful and talented. She has a VOICE that she will give to the nations. She is bright like a shining star. You can watch her but you can’t touch her. She is irreplaceable. She carries herself and drips melanin and gold. She has skin like honey and loves to share her story untold.

Goodbye fear. You have no place here. She carries wisdom in her right hand and honor in her left. She is more precious than jewels an nothing can compare with her. She is a WILD WOMAN with WILD POTENTIAL ready to take on anything that stands in her way because that’s the way God intended for her to be.

I know you think we’ll get back together. But I’m happy to tell you we have no future together. HAH This is THE END!

So Goodbye fear. You have no place here.