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ABOUT ME:  My name is Monica Dorsey Collegiate basketball player, speaker,  and blogger, Monica Dorsey has a passion for using authentic stories to motivate young women to be greater than their circumstances, prepare for greatness and to chase their dreams .  I have  played basketball  throughout  Rome, Venice and Milan Italy and  as a 2018 White House ambassador she was able to converse with some of the most influential leaders and most elite students of America’s time by expanding the budget for historically black colleges. I engaged with shareholders and was able to promote innovation and excellence in Washington D.C. She has been featured in CBS 19 , FOX/NBCTV and others podcasts forums in the Dallas Metroplex. I am an empowerment and motivational speaker, blogger ,coach, and founder of her own nonprofit called Endless Potential which is to help others realize that their potential is endless.. As a speaker I  desires to use my  voice  to empower, encourage and to propel the next generation and I am a new blogger! Writing has always been an escape for me but I never wanted to share my struggles. But now that I’m older and I’m growing and evolving I understand the power of sharing your testimony with others because you never know what someone else is going through. I love people and God gave me an incredible heart for others. Its a blessing and a curse but God makes no mistakes. SO HOW CAN I SERVE YOU?  Its no coincidence that you are reading this. We crossed paths for a reason. I am happy you came to my website and I hope that I can give you  a better perception of what you are going through.