Be a Warrior , Slay Giants …Even in the fire.

As my life spins out of control I can’t help but feel like my mind is going crazy at times. I feel like I’ve been afflicted in every area of my life. From my face and acne breaking out to taking care of my dad, to wondering if he’s about to die, to worrying about his mental state, to making sure he’s eating, to trying to get the business launched, to speaking, to practicing with my speaking coach, to battling my mental walls, to take everything and not internalize it, to making sure I exercise, to not procrastinating and battling the obstacle of completion. I feel like I’m a war. War with my mind, war with my brain, war with my time, and war with the enemy .

I’m in the fire of life and it feels like hell. This hell keeps getting hotter. I feel like Job . You know Job, the man in the bible that lost all he had, the devil tormented everything he touched Job lost everything he had, he lost his family, his land, his cattle, his riches, his friends, his respect and his dignity. Job went through the fire. I wonder if Job ever felt like quitting, like throwing in the towel, and saying “Okay God you can just take me now.”

I wonder if Job had to do affirmations every morning when he started being afflicted . No one ever talks about Jobs mental state. I wonder if Job had acne? No one ever talks about Job’s emotional health in all of this. Job probably cried himself to sleep every night. He probably thought of ways to end his turmoil. But the one thing about Job that kept him through the fire was his faith endurance. Job had to endure all of the fire that was thrown at him and God preserved Job’s faith through the entire process. The process was long, hard, tough, grueling, painful, stupid, disheartening,merciless, aggressive , dangerous, bothersome, pertinent and persistent. But God brought Job out of the fire.

I have faith that God will bring me out of the fire oneday. Just like Job.

So I encourage you to look at your own fire, look at all the things you’re going through, then take a look back at all God has brought you out of. You were made for this fire. I know God will preserve your faith .

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