What are your hands doing?

“Your thoughts may not have caught up to what your hands are doing”

In business its easy to talk about what we’re doing or what we aspire to do. Less talking , less thinking, less strategizing but what you need is ACTION. What are your hands doing to help you reach your goals and dreams? What actions do you take everyday to get closer to your wants and desires of your career? There’s 24 hours in the day….. How many hours do you dedicate towards your purpose and goals?

“Sometimes you’re going to have to put your hands to work and let your mind catch up later.”

In a world full of anxiety …. The thoughts that you think, the words you say affirm your direction. Sometimes you have to do it AFRAID. Sometimes you’ll have to JUST DO IT. Let your mind race and let the adrenaline flow because you will never know how great you can be until you DO IT.

“When my thoughts start to dominate my actions and start to dominate my opinions … I have to make my hands catch up to what God is saying NOW.”

Are you just busy to be busy or does your events and conferences align with God’s purpose and plan for your heart? The thins He has placed in your heart are not by coincidence . They are your purpose. The late nights you spend thinking about your passions, are not by accident. It is your purpose calling you..

IT’S TIME TO EMBRACE YOUR SEASON. Make your mind catch up to your hands.

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