Celebrate Your Progress!

Don’t be afraid to celebrate the small wins. 

When we have a vision . You might be still progressing towards your goals , but realize the small wins along the way. 

When people speak to you , their either speaking to who you’re afraid to be, who you used to be , who you are or who you’re going to be . 

Categorize them properly. 

Sometimes we can be so afraid of returning to who we were that we don’t embrace who we are now . 

When other speak to “Who you’re afraid to be.” People project things into you by saying things like “ Oh you’re never going to do that . Oh you won’t be able to get there. ” “You don’t have the tenacity. You don’t have the resources. Who do you think you are?” These are insecurities others will impose upon you as you go through life. Know that God says that YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM.

When people speak who we used to be … They will say things like remember the last mistake you made when you did this or did that. Remember how broken this made you last time. You can’t handle all of that , you aren’t made for that, never have been , never will be. When people use your past behavior for your future success .  Because their unaware of  who we’re becoming they throw your past back in your face . So don’t be bound by your past mistakes . 

Who we are now – Sometimes people have been privy to all of your history and the progress you have made , they’ve been able to grow and transcend with you. This relationship can meet you right where you are . That’s amazing that you don’t have to shrink to be in their presence and , they meet you where you are. 

Who you’re going to be – When we’ve experienced disappointments and others commend us on our growth or in our potential, a lot of times it can make us throw that away , so we deflect compliments because we can’t receive when others speak up over our situation.

You may see this version of yourself last. But take inventory of what their saying. When we have a vision for what our life can become… don’t miss the small things.

I love you . I’m rooting for you.


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