What happened to your faith?

Lately I haven’t been having my Just Do It attitude and I found myself in a “I don’t feel like it” funk. The only problem with an “I don’t feel like it” funk is that it keeps you from pushing forward in your career, in your relationships, in your marriage, and in your dreams. The easiest thing to do is just give up and relax at home. But what tests your true strength is getting up every day wanting to be better than you were yesterday,


I want to be better not just for myself and my health, but to serve my God-given purpose. There is something brewing on the inside of you that you haven’t even tapped into yet, dreams manifested down on the inside of you that you haven’t even believed in . Today I speak life over you , that the “I don’t feel like it ” spirit would be broken off of you. I know that you can do anything if you change your mindset and believe that you have purpose. You have vision and I know that with a little drive, a little ambition, a little more motivation, that you can do ANYTHING friend.

Recognize the opposition in your mind. Change your attitude and thoughts about yourself and you have the power to change the whole world around you. Negative thoughts only begat a negative outcome. Positive thoughts bring a positive life. What are you thinking about yourself?

When you get a chance today, read Hebrews 10 and ask yourself where is my faith?

And always remember I believe in you and that you have Endless Potential!

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