The Wild -Woman Challenge !

I’ve been doing a 7 day Wild Woman Challenge lately which was created by one of my favorite celebrities of all time Sarah Jakes Roberts. “Who is she? ” You ask. She’s TD Jakes daughter and an revolutionist for today’s women of faith. I found her last year, and I was drawn instantly to her anointing. But she’s created a 7-day Challenge for you. In this challenge you will discover what God is really trying to tell you. Then you will have the peace that you’re searching for.

In this challenge you will do a variety of challenging things but you must not forget to hop out of your comfort zone. He first day you will be creating a wild open space in your life , so you will write down what you need less of in life. Whether that be less stress,anxiety or depression even. Whatever it is that you need less I in your life . It will allow wild open space for God to move in your life . The second day you will evaluate relationships are they helping or hindering you and categorizing those relationships that are helping you grow closer to God versus the relationships that are keeping you bound and stagnant in life, the. Ask God to release those people in your life.

Day 3 consists of gratitude . Who are you thankful for. Who do you need to say thankyou to and has been there for you ? These God ordained people that have been helping you build and grow into who you are today…Send them a text and tell them you’re grateful for them.Day 4 consists of Worship. Many times we say “I don’t know what God is Trying to tell me” it’s because your perception hasn’t been ingulfed in the spirit and most times we can get back to our center through worship. So spend 24 hours just in worship and you will see and feel a shift and change . Today is Day 5 and I’m excited for what the rest of the Challenge holds for you and I.

He’d to Woman Evolve Tv for more ..


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