ALEXA Play " Living My Best Life" by Lil Duval

ALEXA, How do I live my best life?

Alexa, When is my next appointment time?

Alexa, Where is bae located?

Alexa, Are you my friend?

Alexa,  play Taylor Swifts new album.

The truth is that Alexa is looked to for  more questions and information in today’s generation than God. How many times have you scrolled on facebook, instagram or twitter today? What were you searching for?  Hope, Love, Likes, Companionship, or were you searching  for an escape? Were you looking for validation or approval? How did it make you feel? Does it feel the void?

Alexa  and Social Media are  the heart beat of this new millennial generation. People love  being able to know and see results  instantly.  Also known as the microwave generation, we often look and gravitate towards everything that won’t cost us time  and stress. Its easy when you can see something, ask your questions and it responds immediately. The sheer convenience of life being at your fingertips and knowing how something will play out gives us comfort because we know what to expect.But what happens when you don’t know what to expect? What happens when things don’t turn out the way you want them to? When that relationship fails and they leave? What happens when  all the odds are stacked high against you? What happens when all your friends leave you? What happens when you can’t see the next step in your life? Who do you turn to? What do you turn to? Pinterest? Twitter?Instagram?Facebook? Or will you turn to God?

I believe God let us cross paths today for a reason.  I’m here to tell you that  God created you amazingly talented. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be someone else for others to see you. I’m here to tell you that you have gifts and talents burning down on the inside of you that God wants to reveal in you. I’m here to tell you that God is ready for you take the limitations off of your life but He wants you to embrace that uncomfortable feeling. You have to embrace  the uncomfortable to become unstoppable. Its time for you to push past your comfort zones and that safe place you’ve built in your life  in order to dig deep past your insecurities to accomplish your true purpose.

A long time ago I stopped asking others who they wanted to be  in life and what they wanted to do, but rather….How do you want to make your mark on the world?What kind of impact do you want to have? I challenge you to write down your dreams . Then write down your goal . Then start googling how to make it happen. Last, write it down in a planner and watch God work. I believe you have Endless Potential.


Riddle me this: Who are you really limiting?… Yourself? or GOD?






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