Speak that!

Two days ago I had the privilege of attending the Speak That Empowerment event in Dallas. There I was able to learn and glean from Dr. Lee Merrit who is the Civil Rights Activist who did Jordan Edwards case. He’s also responsible for putting away the first officer in 50 years to be indicted. He played a beginning role in Johnny Cochrins firm. He’s known nationwide for his efforts in the justice system and specializes in civil rights cases.

But, what was most shocking was how he came from such humble beginnings. As he shared with the audience, Lee was born from a 15 year old mother who was going to abort him, and saw his sonogram picture and decided to walk out of the clinic. He shared how his father was California’s most wanted gang member, a murderer and had nothing to do with his life. He shared how he had been kicked out of three  schools growing up and how they didn’t want to put him in any more. He shared how he was the first in his family to graduate anything. You see…Lee Merritt wasn’t supposed to be here. But for Gods grace he was able to keep going. He shared how he would be in rooms where no one looked like him, and how he had to beat the odds with knowledge in every debate he ever did in law school. But he never quit . He didn’t let fear paralyze his progress. Fear is just another emotion just like any other. When you’re fearful just know that means YOU ARE ALIVE. It was inspiring to me because I was fearful about starting my business. Will it be successful? Will I get sponsors? Will they take me seriously? Will others support my dream? God told me, “Just Do It. I’ll figure the rest out Monica.”

I pray you live a life free of limitations. You have limitless opportunities, and I pray you walk in your full potential.

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