Endless Potential

I’m super pumped to start this journey with you! I’ve learned so much about myself during my college days and THANK GOD AFTER 5 LONG YEARS I’M DONE! You are the reason I kept going, so I could inspire you to keep going too.

Many people don’t make it across the college graduation  stage but through the prayers of many I did. College was a struggle for me. I love people and I’ll take the shirt off my back and the shoes off my feet for you. But not everyone has the same heart you have.

Being honest with you… College gave  me wisdom. The truth is ….I’ve been lied on, talked about, called out of my name many times, mistreated,  others have drug my name through the dirt and some have even tried to fight me. I’ve never been a confrontational person but a psychological one instead. What I’ve learned is that people  talk about you because many times they envy you. Some of your worst enemies are actually some of your biggest fans. You must be doing something right for your name to always be in their mouth. What seems like hatorade is sometimes really admiration. Their just too scared to speak their truth. But one thing that I’ve learned is that what God has for you…No one can take away. People will pray on your downfall. KEEP GOING! People will attack your character. KEEP GOING!  I pray you look back on how far God has brought you, the trials and storms you had to go through in order to be the man or woman you are today. There is a plan and a purpose for your life. You were made for this. You were built for this! Don’t give up! Because one day….

You’re going to have to look behind you, to reach back  and pull someone else up too. You are an inspiration. Be proud of where you’ve came from and get excited for where you’re headed!


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